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Life of Esther Kamhi 

This movie is the culmination of a year-long project to perpetuate the memory of Esther Kamhi's life. It captures the essence of who Esther was, and what she meant to so many people, in a documented film of her life. While we have tragically lost Esther's physical presence, this movie will strive to ensure she remains with us for years to come. We all still have fond memories of Esther but as time passes, those memories will fade. Thanks to all her dear family and friends, who  gave their account of their experiences with Esther and how she impacted their lives, we can now bottle up those memories and preserve them forever. May this movie be a tribute to Esther and may we benefit from the lessons of her very special life.


UK: 6pm
Spain: 7pm
Israel: 8pm
US East Coast and Venezuela: 1pm
Canada: 12pm

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Meeting ID: 819 3186 7088
Passcode: 745644

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